Comenius University in Bratislava, The Faculty of Law offers a postgraduate two-year long study at the Diplomatic Academy in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

The Diplomatic Academy is dedicated to preparing university graduates for international careers and for leading positions in international organizations, the EU institutions, public service and international trade. The study focuses mainly on the areas such as international relations, political science, international and EU law, economics, history and languages.

The study is aimed at graduates who completed the second degree of university studies in various fields and who intend to pursue a career in diplomacy and consular services or who want to hold offices within the EU and international institutions or state administration or become experts within NGOs.

The programme offers a two-year postgraduate study in the theory and practice of international relations, where the emphasis is put on interdisciplinary studies, implementation of theoretical knowledge in practice and multilingualism. As part of their studies, students will acquire the academic, practical and language skills necessary for a successful career in the international field. The programme provides a better understanding of diplomatic service, decisions and international relations. The lecturers are ambassadors themselves or have a strong connection to the international environment therefore they are able to explain in detail the situation happening in the international sphere.

Apart of the elite study module, students have an opportunity to gain knowledge of current issues and questions in the EU and international law and also to complete an internship at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

Students are involved also in other very prestigious international projects and will gain skills in the EU project management. Subjects are taught in foreign languages.

Courses in the first year of studying at the Diplomatic Academy:

Winter semester:

  • Introduction to diplomacy and diplomatic protocol I 
  • Basic of Politology 
  • the European Union law (EPSO 1) (eng.) 
  • Basics of the Legal Order of the Slovak Republic (non-lawyers) 
  • International Public Law 
  • International Relations and World Politics (eng.) 
  • Economic Diplomacy 
  • Diplomatic Protocol 
  • Legal and Diplomatic English I 
  • Legal and Diplomatic German I 
  • Legal and Diplomatic French I 
  • Ambassador Forum 

Summer semester: 

  • International Relations and World Politics – Structure and Functioning of International Organisations 
  • Intelligence Services and Diplomacy 
  • EPSO 2  
  • International Law – International Protection of Human Rights 
  • International Consular Law, Consular Practice 
  • Foreign Policy of the Slovak Republic – Cultural Diplomacy and Presentation of the Slovak Republic Abroad 
  • Legal and Diplomatic English II 
  • Legal and Diplomatic German II 
  • Legal and Diplomatic French II 
  • Ambassador Forum 
  • Visit of an international organisation 

In the first year, students attend courses in political science, international relations, economics and international economic relations, contemporary history, as well as international and the EU law. The knowledge previously acquired by students through their university studies complements the study at the Diplomatic Academy and creates the necessary basis for the analysis of the specific thematic areas. 

Courses in the second year of the study at the Diplomatic Academy: 

Winter semester: 

  • Conflict Resolution in the Western Balkans 
  • Energetic Diplomacy 
  • Slovak Foreign Policy – Development and Humanitarian Aid 
  • International Trade Law (eng.) 
  • Diplomacy, Theory and Practice – Negotiations in Diplomatic Practice 
  • Legal and Diplomatic English III 
  • Legal and Diplomatic German III 
  • Legal and Diplomatic French III 
  • Ambassador Forum 

Summer semester: 

  • Seminar for the final exam in the EU law (eng.) 
  • Seminar for the final exam in International Law 
  • Seminar for the final exam in International Relations (eng.) 
  • Legal and Diplomatic English IV 
  • Legal and Diplomatic German IV 
  • Legal and Diplomatic French IV 
  • Ambassador Forum 

In the second year, students apply their knowledge gained during the first year to analyse problems and solve case studies. Methodical and interdisciplinary lectures, presented by prominent lecturers and experts in the field of international relations and the EU law and legislation, prepare students for final state exams.