Additional Admissions

Applications must be delivered by 15 September 2023.

Promotional leaflet

Term dates

The admissions is held on 20 September 2023.


Fee for study per academic year: 990 €.

Application fee: 50 €

Study requirements

Admission criteria:

  • completed the 2nd degree of the university education (or equivalent in the case of education completed abroad),
  • knowledge of the state language,
  • knowledge of English at C1 level (to be able to follow the courses taught in English) – must be demonstrated by a certificate or other equivalent,
  • knowledge of French or German at least at B1 level – knowledge of languages must be demonstrated by a certificate or other equivalent.

Documents required for the admission procedure:

  • completed study application,
  • structured curriculum vitae (preferably Europass form),
  • cover letter in Slovak language (max. 600 words),
  • certified copy of the 2nd degree university diploma or other equivalent evidence of the highest level of education obtained.